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Headlight Restoration Service

Our goal is to restore optical clarity while removing haze and yellowing from your lenses. This service starts at $50.00 for a pair.

Why do you need this service?
Over the years headlights become yellow and lose their clarity. The trained staff at Gold Standard have the proper technique and tools to bring back that original look of your headlights. All of our headlight restorations include UV protection that helps prevent headlight yellowing in the future.

Signs Your Headlights Need to Be Restored

When you start seeing the following signs, it might be time to consider getting your headlights restored:

  • You can see scratches or cracks in the headlight lenses

  • There is moisture inside the headlight lens

  • There is visible haze/discoloration of the headlight lense

  • You’ve noticed that it’s harder to see at night

  • Your headlights have been damaged by road debris or in an accident

Additionally, you may want to consider getting your headlights restored if you are preparing to sell or trade in your car, even if they are only a little bit cloudy as this can help increase the overall positive appearance of your vehicle's condition. 

Benefits of Headlight Restoration

Cloudy headlights can put you at greater risk for an accident at night or in bad weather. Restoring your headlights will not only improve your visibility but can also:

  • Remove cloudiness, scratches, and dings

  • Improve your vehicle’s resale value

  • Improve the appearance of your vehicle

  • Improve safety

Finally, restoring your headlights will save you money when compared to the cost of buying new headlight lenses.

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