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Premium Auto Detailing Services

We specialize in Premium Auto Detailing for your vehicles whether they be daily drivers, luxury, exotic or anything in between. Our IDA certified detailers are the best in the greater Sanford, NC area. We pride ourselves on our high level of skill, attention to detail, and personal care that it takes to keep your vehicle looking its best.

Auto Detail services can be completed residentially or Mobile as requested ( *Travel fee may apply). Our service areas include Tramway, Sanford, Broadway, Cameron, Fort Liberty (Base access is no problem), Spring Lake and Fayetteville, North Carolina. 

Services: Services

Exterior Detail

To give our customers a few options, we offer our Exterior Detailing services in three different packages- Bronze, Silver & Gold Package. Click here to see more information about our detailing packages. 


Interior Detailing

You spend most of your time in the inside of your car so why not keep it clean and comfortable? At Gold Standard Auto Works, we provide the best auto interior detail services in town. Our IDA certified detailers not only clean your car, we protect it by keeping the interior looking new and fresh. We offer cleaning and restoring including a variety of different leathers and fabrics. Seats and carpets are treated and extracted with the proper equipment and technique to give you the best results. Every interior detail comes with UV protection and leather treatment or fabric protection for your fabric making our Interior Detail the most comprehensive value in the Greater Fayetteville, NC area! Click here for more information about our detail services. 


Paint Correction

Gold Standard Auto Works Paint Correction Services are a labor intensive process where we use the most advanced compounds and polishes, applied by hand or a machine polisher; This service is designed to remove defects in your paint and to bring back the shine and luster to your paint. Our goal will result in a deep gloss and smooth finish that gives your vehicle a minimum 50% improvement in the removing of swirls, scratches and other imperfections in your vehicles paint. We will also restore the clarity to your vehicles finish. Click here to see more details about our Paint Correction Pricing and options. 


Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings provide an outstanding level of protection against the environment and adds a hydrophobic protective layer that makes washing your car extremely easy as water falls right off the vehicles surface. Coatings also easily remove dirt and debris from the protective layer as well as offering the best shine out of any waxes available on the market. Click here to see more details about our traditional Ceramic Coating package options. 

** For the latest Diamond Protech vehicle protection coatings click here!

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Headlight Restoration Service

Our goal is to restore optical clarity while removing haze and yellowing from your lenses. This service starts at $50.00 for a pair. Click here to see more details about our restoration services. 

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